How Punk Rock Came to be

Punk rock, a genre of music which may not be new to your ears, is definitely a topic for debates as to where, when and how it originated. Everyone has various perception of punk rock and its origins that formed its foundations are extremely scattered around the globe, which is partly the reason for the mentioned debates.

Sonics, a band from the 1960s which is one of many garage musicians that was originally entitled with 'Punk Rock', started up their career completely without prior knowledge of music rules and elements, resulting for their plays or jams to have no vocal and musical instruction which also shows their restricted knowledge and skill. This lack of necessary elements incorporated with their music and courage to perform and break the rules was the source of why their music was referred to as 'Punk Rock'.

With unrefined and rudimentary performances, bands like The Stooges and MC5 from Detroit, where welcomed in the music industry, which were included in 'Punk Rock' genre. Although their music and performances were often incorporated with aggressive events, their performances started to open and wake up the eyes of the world of music.

The primary influence of Punk Rock also included - Velvet underground which extended and expanded the borders of music through their music which focused on noise and Glam Rock which added the excessive and appalling outfits incorporated with Punk Rock Music.

The first scene that caught the attention of the music world to punk rock happened in New York City where bands like Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, Ramones, Wayne Country and a lot more participated in. Due to them being in the same place with same ideas, they combined and shared a whole new musical influence to the world. Although in due time, all of them shifted and changed to different genre of music, while at the same time, Punk Rock was born in London.

As Punk Rock finally finishes its prologue in music world; it re-emerged with a more concrete foundation of music by the end of 1970s, producing various subgenres that inspired more people to create numerous individual and original scenes. It will be worth your time to check out the subgenres punk rock gave life to. It is still undergoing transformation and will surely give more subgenres for people to look forward to.