The Journey of Pop Music Through Time

Out of various genres, Pop music can definitely be considered as one of the most known genres in music. This type of music referred to music which is popular. This genre transformed to the form we know of today, during 1950s. Also, although pop refers to music which appeals to massive amount of people, while popular music refers to those which are known and famous, the two terms are often used interchangeably to refer each other.

'Pop Music' originated back in 1920's to describe music which has 'popular' appeal. It was also then, that many of the elements of pop music seen today started, this includes country, folk, blues and many more. Also in terms of its vibe and type of music, pop is often also compared to jazz.

From Publishing Houses of Tin Pan Alley came large contributions to pop music. It showed and prospered on show tunes, foxtrot, cakewalk, ragtime and opera. And as World War II ended, America had gone through incredible transformations which included addition of jukeboxes, radio and a lot more which contributed to the success not only of pop music, but for the music industry as a whole.

The time came when one of the most renowned figures in pop music was introduced and known, Elvis Presley, who seemed to have been bound for fame at the time that he did. Elvis Presley was also referred to as the white singer mastering the black style of vocalizing, which came from Honcho San Philips of Sunny Records who said that he would definitely earn a fortune the time he find that kind of singer.

Pop Music became widely known in the Music industry and has earned a lot in term of financial aspect. The time that it was incorporated with rock music also came during the era of rock and roll. This incorporation of pop and rock music was referred to as Pop/Rock Music. In the late '50s, the pop/rock music emerged as lighter and smoother music which was related to rock was needed.

Afterwards another great impact in the music industry; especially in pop music was the coming of Madonna which introduced an upbeat pop music with nightclub-friendly tone accompanied with extremely catchy tune. Madonna's concept of music also affected the way people think about their life especially in aspect of love and sex.

Also, other prominent figures who will all surely be remembered are the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, who all chipped in their parts to the music industry and gave a huge blow to right at its guts.

Although there are many subgenres out there, it is still evident that pop music incorporated with other genres, will always and surely contain most of the finest songs that will surely be worth your time listening to.