Music About Gambling For You

Songs are made from inspirations that struck the composer and his thoughts. There are also countless genres including rock, soul, country, heavy metal and even pop artist who found that inspiration I was talking about, in the game of poker and other waging games. The music about gambling may surely be new to some of you, but it surely does exist, and some of them are songs which you may be aware of or know of. You may be singing them already but don't know that they are about that game. Also, there are those that may not care about whether these songs are for that game, but there are also those who are building up and making their own playlists for them to play during a game. Let me give you some songs which will definitely fit that playlists of yours.

There's a song entitled 'The Jack', which was about the card 'Jack' which was given a double entendre, made possible by AC / DC. There's also the soulful song 'Losing Hand' which was made to boost and inspire people to bounce back even though they think they will lose. Also, a 1990s movie, Maverick, featured the song 'A good run of bad luck', which will definitely fit your playlist as well. It's about playing loose yet swiftly with love and craps. There's also the song 'Queen of Hearts' which indicates that it is not smart to play with queen of hearts which is something that you'll definitely think about. A song by Elvis Presley, 'Viva Las Vegas', will also keep your mood up for the game. Another song featured in a movie which can also be part of your playlist is the song entitled 'Gambler'. 'Luck be a lady' is also perfect when you're playing the game while relaxing. If you want to keep your adrenaline up, the metal classic 'Ace of Spades'- which is about an entrenched wager, is definitely perfect for you. Also, although it really isn't about the game, Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face' will still fire you up as it gets to its chorus. What is often referred to as the song perfect for this game is 'The Gambler' with different lines that will surely inspire your game.

Songs may not be helpful for waging games at first glance, but it will definitely help you in your games. These songs, with its meanings and rhythm, will surely keep you in an upbeat mood and pumped up for your games.