Best Stadiums to watch a Game From

It is not an overstatement when you say NFL Football is definitely a sport that transcends baseball across the past decade, even though baseball is deemed to be the pastime in the national level of United States. It is also already a customary for fans of various sports to attend events and games or just watch them at the comfort of their own home. These games give its viewers the throbbing and exciting action they want. For those who want to attend the events live, here are the best stadiums to watch a game from, which you definitely would want to visit for optimum experience.

The oldest stadium which is the turf of Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field, is definitely a must-visit stadium which practically serves football with one of the best atmosphere packed with full-house of eager and spirited fans which will definitely give you exemplary experience as well. This stadium is in frigid temperature and through this, the burning passion of both players and fans will surely be seen. The frozen tundra of Lambeau Field had already been the host for Super Bowl Championships.

You could also visit the Cowboys stadium built recently on 2009, home for Dallas Cowboys, with the finest modern facilities accompanied by the Largest Screen in HD Video. The Cowboys stadium also had been the host for over a hundred thousand fans for the All-star game in NBA on the year 2010.

Pittsburgh Steelers' home, Heinz Field is also one of the stadiums that you should visit. It is often called 'Steeler Nation' as they have passionate and dedicated fans supporting them, filling up those seats in the stadium, all wearing black & gold. They have an immense fan base they have built back in the 1970's which even follows them on their road games all while supporting them to the fullest.

If you also want, you could visit the state of Kansas and their stadium, Arrowhead, which practically is the home for 'The Sea of Red' which is perhaps the loudest pack of fans in NFL Football. The sea of red is the nickname given to the fans which will definitely be worth the time to visit if you want to experience their ear-breaking loudness.

There's also the IndianaPolis Colts' stadium, the Lucas Oil Field, which is characterized with its great and passionate fan base that creates the best atmosphere for football, as well as its dominant team which you will surely want to follow.

There are other stadiums available and as Football and other sports fans, visiting these stadiums will definitely be worth your time. These best stadiums to watch a game from will serve you optimum experience of the sports you love.